Tour From Tangier ( Tanger ) To Fes and back to Tangier ( Tanger ) 4 Days/ 3 Nights

4 Days Tour From Tangier To Fes

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Tangier ( Tanger ) The  city

Tanger (Tangier to Fez ) is located at the furthest point west of Morocco, in northern Africa and only 14 km from Spain and is the main entrance of travelers from Europe. Tangier ( Tanger ) suggests exotic and mysterious images, camels, snake charmers, Berber tribes, djellabas..etc. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this city on the African continent and know much of the Arab culture, it will be a unique experience.

Chefchaouen ( Chaouen ) was not until the early twentieth century a forbidden city to foreigners, is nestled in the Rif Mountains, about 2 hours drive from Tangier ( Tanger ) and , with the possibility of excursions for nature, its medina of hundreds of years of old, its walled kasbah, and the characteristic blue color of it painted houses makes it unique

Tour From Tangier  To Fez and back to  Tanger  4 Days/ 3 Nights

Day 1: Tangier ( Tanger ) – Rabat – Medina Tour

Upon arrival in Tangier ( Tanger ), depending upon arrive by ferry or plane, you will find our Moroccan driver that will meet you and take you to Rabat, an old imperial Capital of domes and minarets, sweeping terraces, wide avenues, and green spaces. You travel via Larache which is actually, both Andalusian and Arab town on the Atlantic coast. Once in Rabat, a guided city tour to the main attractions is scheduled: The picturesque Oudaia Kasbah, The Medina, which contains the city’s souks, bounded by Almohad ramparts and by the 17th-century Andalusian Wall. Continue your tour to the Hassan Tower, Mausoleum of Mohammed V and the Chella Necropolis where the Roman and Islamic ruins lie side by side whispering endless stories of centuries past. . . Dinner and night.

Day 2: Rabat – Volubilis – Fez

After breakfast, Depart Rabat along vast agricultural fields to the second imperial city of Meknes to take pictures of the massive Bab El Mansour gate. The city tour of Meknes includes the Harri Souani stables, the old medina, and the beautiful royal palace. Then continue on to the sacred city of Mouly Idriss. You will have some time to rest at this beautiful small city before visiting the Roman ruins of Volubilis. Volubilis is a truly impressive setting selected by UNESCO as a cultural heritage site for humanity. After your visit depart for the great city of Fes for overnight.

Day 3: Fes – Guided City Tour

Enjoy a full-day tour of Fes with a local guide. Fes is the oldest of Morocco’s Imperial cities. It is the embodiment of the country’s history and its spiritual and religious capital and has been declared a World Heritage Site By UNESCO.. The city’s numerous monuments have thousands of stories to tell visitors, the Jemaa Karaouyine (the first university to be established in the world), The Mederssa Bounania, the El tanneries and artisan quarters and the fascinating souks are just some of the many places

Day 4: Fes – Chefchaouen ( Chaouen ) – Tangier ( Tanger )

After breakfast, you will leave to Tangier ( Tanger ) through the farmland, and small villages before you reach the impressive Rif Mountains. On the way, you will visit the white town of Chefchaouen ( Chaouen ) which nestles in the hollow of the two mountains – Ech-Chaoua (The Horns) – from which it takes its name. Steep narrow streets with white and indigo limewashed buildings, small squares, ornate fountains and houses with elaborately decorated doorways and red tile roofs make this a delightful town. Enjoy your lunch in one of the traditional Restaurants with its atmospheric view over the Ech-Chaoua Mountains. In the afternoon, drop off into Tangier ( Tanger ).

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