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Why Join Group Tours In Morocco? 

Everything you should know about how to book the best Sahara Desert shared tour in Morocco and what to expect on your journey!

Are you a student, solo traveler, small group of people on a limited budget. We have designed this portal titled “Join Group Tours In Morocco” for you!

Let’s say, this is a pool where you can put all your desired tours and possible dates. So, that other solo travelers will see them and get involved to form a group.

We will help you find a travel buddy for your next trip to Morocco.

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Our online shared platform page will allow you to apply for a shared tour, there are two easy steps you will need to do. You can Join A Tour or create yours by adding your tour details online.

How It Works

1 - Join A Tour ( See Table Below )

Kindly look at all the open tours and If you found the right tour dates that interest you, please contact us as soon as possible. We will put you in touch together and arrange your trip in advance.

Send us an email indicating the username/ID  and the details at

We can discuss with them also if they are flexible to change the dates to have the same trip.

2 - Add Your Details Online

We can invite others to join your tour for free. It’s simple, all you can do is to fill the form on the right side. and we will publish your tour date online on our page.

Rule 1: We won’t share your personal information such as your full name, email address or phone number.

Rule 2: The time is running and if your record is outdated (approximately 5 Days from your tour date), We recommend to book a private tour for you only. We will delete all outdated details without any notice.

Rule 3: Feel free to put your contact (email..) if you want to be seen in public and get contacted by someone and make a private group, otherwise you can use the given ID and email it with other details to us here: to be able to get in touch with you.

Rule 4: You will be contacted by us only from:, please inform us immediately if anyone contacted you on our behalf with a different email(Either competitor or scammer).

Submit Your Details

Please enter an active email, so we can follow up with you.
We may contact you by Whatsapp to get in touch with other participants.

Morocco Shared Group Tour Planner

YOU/WE are all contributing in this section, For more details, please read: HOW IT WORKS above. Please don’t forget to submit your details.

(Please email it to us)
of people
Desired itinerariesAvailable datesGuest CommentsAvailability
XT0001 (Example)13 days Marrakech to Fes or
4 days Marrakech to Marrakech
My dates are flexible i can start
on 10; 11;12 ;13 September 20XX
Iam from USA and i hope to find someone to share the tour with,
If someone wants to join me, please feel free to contact me here: or just use my ID and send to the comapny
(Please add your emails, then after we hide them to be private for us)
XT043813 days Marrakech to FesDec 23-25I am a college student from the United States looking to join a group tourOpen
XT041613 Day Marrakesh to FesDec 23-25I’m from Norway and would like to join a group for this 3 days travel trip.Open
XT037243 Days Marrakech To FesDec 23-25We are from Hong Kong and Malaysia looking to share a tour my email sended to Sahara Desert Trips by email.Open
XT041813 Days Marrakech To FesDec 23-25I am from Hong Kong and would like to join a group for 3 days from Marrakech to FesOpen
XT043413 days Marrakech to FesDec 30 – Jan 1I’m a 23 year old solo traveller from Taiwan. looking to share a tour and spend NYE in the Sahara desert! contact me via 21806715@live.uem.esOpen
XT043723 days Fes to Marrakech1/2 Jan to 4/5 Jan 2020Hi, travellers! We’re couple from Russia and would be happy to join for 3 days trip Fes to Marrakech. Feel free to contactOpen
XT043522 days Marrakech to dessertJan 6Hi, We are a young couple from Argentina and would like to join a group for a 1 night, 2 days travel from Marrakech to the dessert!Open
XT043933 Days Marrakech to FesFeb 11-13, 2020A couple and 1 friend in mid-30’s from United States. Open to adding one or two people to make a group of 4 or 5Open
XT042413 days Marrakech to FesJune 2020I am from Singapore and would like to join a group
XT044013, 4, 5 days Fes to MarrakechDec 12 or 13I am a solo female from Hong Kong and would like to see the Geminids Meteor Shower in the desert on the night of 14th December.Open
XT0441 2 3 days Fes to Marrakech  December 2nd  2 people looking for others to join them on their tour.  Open

By clicking that button, no “Log in” details will be required, just feel free to click and see openings shared tours and add your details as well if you like.

This is the best way to make new friends and reduce costs and even make the experience more exciting and fun. You just need to give it a try! it is free and simple.  You just need to fill your details; if there’s a match, we will move forward with your shared tour.

We can invite others to join your tour. or if you would like to join an open pre-booked tour.

In case your tour dates differ; we highly recommend you to book a private tour in advance.

Thank you for Visiting the “Join Group Tours In Morocco” page.