Shared Morocco Tours

Group Tour Vacations 2020/2021

If you’re uninterested in traveling alone, particularly single women who get frightened, or you are on a low budget. Then it’s a time for you to join one of our Shared Morocco Trips. With our Group Tour Planner, We will help you find a travel buddy for your next trip to Morocco. Make new friends, save cash and find out about different cultures.

Shared Trips From Marrakech

Welcome to the Morocco Shared Group Tour Planner From Marrakech. Our Available Morocco Shared Desert Tours To Join starts from Marrakech to the Sahara desert. Our Morocco Travel Group Platform is designed for YOU.

Shared Trips From Fes

This page is all about an online shared group tour from Fes. It is very simple to make a group, just two simple steps; enter your details then email us, and we will do the rest. We will organize small group tours to enjoy your holidays in Morocco.

Join Group Tours In Morocco For 2020

Our online shared platform page will allow you to apply for a shared tour, there are two easy steps you will need to do. You can Join A Tour or create yours by adding your tour details online.

How It Works

1 – Join A Tour ( See The Table Below )

Kindly look at all the open tours and If you found the right tour dates that interest you, please contact us as soon as possible. We will put you in touch together and arrange your trip in advance.

Send us an email indicating the username/ID  and the details at

We can discuss with them also if they are flexible to change the dates to have the same trip.

2 – Add Your Details Online

We can invite others to join your tour for free. It’s simple, all you can do is to fill the form on the right side. and we will publish your tour date online on our page.

Rule 1: We won’t share your personal information such as your full name, email address or phone number.

Rule 2: The time is running and if your record is outdated (approximately 5 Days from your tour date), We recommend to book a private tour for you only. We will delete all outdated details without any notice.

Rule 3: Feel free to put your contact (email..) if you want to be seen in public and get contacted by someone and make a private group, otherwise you can use the given ID and email it with other details to us here: to be able to get in touch with you.

Rule 4: You will be contacted by us only from, please inform us immediately if anyone contacted you on our behalf with a different email(Either competitor or scammer).

Submit Your Details

Please enter an active email, so we can follow up with you.
We use Whatsapp/Wechat
16 Yr or above is an adult

Morocco Shared Group Tour Planner

YOU/WE are all contributing to this section, For more details, please read: HOW IT WORKS above. Please don’t forget to submit your details.

Online Shared Group Tour

The more there are people the more the price gets reduced depending on the number of hired 4×4 cars, so it is advisable for a small group to get the maximum number of people that a 4×4 car can hold, the maximum is 6 travelers with the driver so 7 people in total. the comfortable solution is to create a group of 4 people.  or a group between 8 to 12, or a larger one of  18,  24…  For more details about the car that we use.


online shared group tour planner

and there you can see available tours and add yours to be seen by other travelers.

Here are some rules you will need to know about our shared tour planner:

About the platform:  just fill the form, copy your ID to send it to us.

What Do People ask?

If there is a match we will contact you and our email will be sent to everyone in the same conversation, so that you know each other and proceed to book and secure your tour.

A group package tour is a shared tour where you are willing to share the transport with others and maybe pay extras for the accommodation to have your own.

In case your travel dates differ, we recommend you to book a private tour to invite others to join you and reduce the price.

The main reasons why people prefer to travel in groups are:

  1. Reduce The Tour Cost
  2. Make New Friends
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