Morocco Desert Camps

Sahara Desert Trips arrange a wide selection of Morocco Desert Camps in the Sahara Desert. In particular, the southeast of Morocco’s country. We offer two categories of camping; standard or luxury (level of comfort). Our desert camps are located approximately 45 km outside of Erfoud on the way to the highest sand dunes of Erg Chebbi- Merzouga. Both levels can provide you with amazing night stays. Furthermore, you select according to your choices. Come to make the most of your Moroccan desert experience with us. Start Glamping In Morocco today!

Standard Desert Camp

The standard desert camp is composed of simple desert tents. this type of camping in the Sahara desert is dedicated to travelers on a low budget. Feel the charm of the desert with us!

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What is included?

What is not included?

Luxury Desert Camp

The luxury tented camp is the ideal type of desert accommodation for savvy and independent travelers. Choose a cozy stay for your travel to Morocco if you are looking for a luxurious experience.

Morocco desert camps - Luxury Sahara Camp vs Standard desert camp

What is included?

What is not included?

How Can I Get There Easily?

The best way to get to our Morocco desert camps is by booking a tour package ( Morocco luxury desert tour ) that includes transportation and Sahara desert camping.

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Why Sahara Desert Camping In Erg Chebbi/Merzouga Dunes?

Why Choose Us?

Most of our guests enjoyed their stays at our Merzouga luxury desert camps and are happily satisfied. Now that is your turn to enjoy your tour and camp within Morocco in one of the standard or luxury camps we run. Book online with us to receive a discounted tour package that includes a stay at the desert camp plus a peaceful camel ride.

43 TOP MOROCCO DESERT TOURS 2021 Sahara desert trips

Morocco Desert Camping Prices

The cost of staying in the standard or luxury desert camping in Morocco varies depending on the number of people and the season you are travelling.

Morocco Standard Sahara Camping:

The standard category of Sahara desert camping: is a camp set in a flat area with few trees (oasis)  around. The tents are lined up in a square, within it a fireplace in the center. These traditional tents are made of goat and camel hair. The toilet is set out of the camp and it is for public use. Inside each tent; you will find mattresses and blankets or sometimes a comfy bed. Dinner is served in the dining room in the wintertime. After that, the staff will set the fireplace and start playing local drums.

Standard Camp Price

Only 40 Euros
Per Person/Night

Morocco Luxury Desert Camps:

This luxury type of camping is the best which offers all the comforts. An exclusive camp in the Moroccan Sahara desert. The tents provide hotel room comfort and it comes with all bed sizes; king bed, double bed, twin beds or single bed. En-suite facilities incorporate a full-size shower with hot and cold water, a sink, and a toilet. Our staff in the camp are constantly upbeat to help with influencing your night to remain a noteworthy one. After dinner time, enjoy desert Berber music of drums around the campfire. Reserve your stay in the desert of Morocco at our Sahara desert luxury camp NOW!

Luxury Camp Price

Only 80 Euros
Per Person/Night

Morocco Luxury Camp Tents & Pricing:

Single Deluxe Tent:
Only 80 Euros
Per Person/Night

The Single Tent is the most suitable for solo Travellers. With a big or small bed.

Double Deluxe Tent:
Only 150 Euros
Per Person/Night

The Double Tent is ideal for couples, marriages, and honeymoons.

Twin Deluxe Tent:
Only 150 Euros
Per Person/Night

The Twin Tent is ideal for two friends and families. Comes with separate beds.

Triple Deluxe Tent:
Only 200 Euros
Per Person/Night

The Triple Tent is perfect for families and children. Extra beds on request.

Quadruple Tent:
Only 250 Euros
Per Person/Night

Quadruple Tent is ideal for friends and families. 1 Big and 3 small beds

Morocco Desert Camp Experience Guide

Sunset Camel Trek
Desert camp

Morocco Camel Trekking Tours & Bivouac:

10 Best Morocco Desert Camping Tours

Book the most popular Camel Trekking Tours in Morocco from Marrakech or Fes. We have the best price guaranteed. Read the reviews of your fellow travelers. Experience sleeping in Sahara desert tents in Morocco right on the edge of Erg Chebbi Dunes.

Morocco Camel Trekking

Sahara Desert Camp Booking Form

The Best Way To Book A Desert Camp

Book your stay or join one of our suggested Morocco desert tours to include a special night in our standard or luxury Morocco desert camps. We propose a variety of tour packages to choose from. Then, you pick the type of accommodation( hotel, lodge, or camp) plus activities and meals on your request. We’ve got great booking deals and more.

Morocco Camel Trekking

Sahara Desert Camp Activities

We arrange a number of activities at our ecological luxury desert camp in Morocco, including dunes walking, sunset/sunrise camel-trekking, sand-boarding, dune buggies, quad bikes, and evening music around the campfire. We aim to bring together sustainable tourism and the Sahara Desert glamping.

Morocco Camel Trekking

People Asking:

Can you camp in the Sahara Desert?

Yes, You can camp within Morocco’s Sahara Desert. whether in the dunes or The rocky black desert (Hamada). Our camping sites offer so much more for your desert experience, get to know local traditions, and enjoy the nature of the Sahara desert.

Which camp to choose in the Sahara Desert?

Well, You can choose the desert camp within your budget. There Are hundreds of camps in the Sahara desert and pricing vary depending on the services provided.  

Where to stay in the Sahara desert of Morocco?

When you arrive in the Sahara desert, you will find so many options for accommodations where to stay overnight. There are hotels and standard/luxury camps on the edge of Erg Chebbi dunes and each provides a unique experience. We highly recommend staying at a luxury camp as it gives a great feeling while experiencing authentic and modern comfort.

How To Camp In The Sahara?

If you are an independent traveler, you can camp in the desert in one of the luxurious campsites. These new brand camping sites offer all the modern facilities.

How much is a luxury tent in Merzouga tonight/today?

The average price per night for a luxury tent in Merzouga/Erg Chebbi dunes today/tonight is 85 € (based on single occupancy).

What luxury camp in Merzouga has nice views?

Luxury Sahara Desert Camping has received amazing reviews from guests in Merzouga/Erg Chebbi regarding the stunning views from these affordable luxury tents.

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