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Best Morocco Desert Tour Prices

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Our Best Morocco Desert Tour Prices vary, depending on the number of people in your party; adults, kids or days, itinerary, package, season and the accommodations you choose. While all our prices are reasonable in comparison to the quality services we offer, the prices are quoted in Euro, we do accept MAD Moroccan Currency, USD US Dollars or  GBP British Pound.

For more currencies  conversion please refer to the  XE official website here:  The XE Currency Converter Services

To have an idea about our pricing range, the details below are applicable for private tours.

Demonstration pricing table based on Standard accommodation

 Accommodation type Price range per person based on Standard accommodation
 Party/Days 3 days 4 days 5 days
2 people 290*Euro/person 375*Euro/person 485*Euro/person
3 people 240*Euro/person 300*Euro/person 400*Euro/person
4 people 190*Euro/person 245*Euro/person 315*Euro/person

Demonstration pricing table based on Mid range accommodation Luxury

 Accommodation type Price range per person based on Mid range accommodation Luxury
 Party/Days 3 days 4 days 5 days
2 people 380*Euro/person 475*Euro/person 605*Euro/person
3 people 330*Euro/person 400*Euro/person 520*Euro/person
4 people 280*Euro/person 345*Euro/person 435*Euro/person

For 1 days tour: start from 140*EURO Total

Transfers :

Transfers   based on one  4×4 car Total in Euro
Rabat to Fes 200
Rabat to Marrakech 350
Casablanca to Fes 300
Casablanca to Marrakech 200
Tanger to Fes 300
Airport to hotel (Marrakech) 20
Airport to hotel (Casablanca) 40
Airport to hotel (Fes) 30

*The prices are just a demonstration to have an idea about our pricing range. For exact quotes, please contact us by filling the booking form on our booking page.

Remarque: There is a discount for families with kids depending on their age.

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Marrakech is around 600km from Merzouga, a popular village located on the edge of the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. from Fes to Merzouga is around 500 km.
Our company provides camel trekking experiences. The prices for camel trekking start from 20 Euros for sunset excursion and 45 to 90 Euros to a camel trekking into the dunes and sleep in a nomad camp or luxury bivouac, dinner and breakfast.