Vehicles For Your Tour In Morocco

The best means of transportation to use while you are having a tour in Morocco  is 4×4 / 4WD vehicles.

Why a 4×4 vehicles instead of a normal vehicle or car rental,  it is because these majestic dunes are accessible by 4WD to cross the off-road, and also it is very comfortable. 


Below, you will have an idea about our brand new cars. We use White, Black  or Grey  Toyota Prado (4×4/4WD).

It takes up to 7 people ( 6 people +the driver)

The car is divided into 3 levels  as you can see  in the slider:

  • Level 1:  the driver + one seat.
  • Level 2:  three seats.
  • Level 3:  two seats.


For larger tour groups: we have other means of transport: Van, Mini-van and Minibus. We will take you on a tour around Morocco