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Information: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and following the instructions decreed by the local authorities. 

We inform you that SAHARA DESERT TRIPS services are temporarily suspended until further notice. 

We would like to remind our dear guests that their Booked tours are Postponed to other dates. 

We are still taking New Bookings for future travel. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Stay Home & Stay Safe Our Friends

Travel safely in Morocco Again in 2021!

Due to the gradual opening of Morocco’s borders, the Sahara Desert Trips team members are happy to show you around Morocco again in 2021!

Are you coming to Morocco?

Travelers coming from abroad are subjected to some conditions to enter Morocco. Please consult The Moroccan National Tourism Office for more information.

Welcome back to Morocco. We are eager to take you on a wonderful journey around Morocco. Start planning your dream Morocco vacation today!

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